I don’t go thru ppls pictures on their phone cause I wasn’t raised in the jungle

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i want to get so good at giving sly digs that you dont even realize i insulted you until like a week later when you randomly start crying while eating breakfast

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Why the hell did I just pay $10.75 for a burrito my family did not come to America for this

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  • mom: can you do this chore for me?
  • me: *doesn't do it within 0.2 seconds*
  • mom: *does it for you*
  • mom: why can't you ever be responsible

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if you ever think about sending me an ask and decide not to cause “oh she doesn’t care” or “oh I don’t want to bother her” literally I’m the loneliest piece of shit you can find and would still love you if you sent me the word nuzzle over and over again

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